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/ "Shvabe" Ambulances Arrived at the Hospitals of the Arkhangelsk Region
"Shvabe" Ambulances Arrived at the Hospitals of the Arkhangelsk Region 28.12.2022

"Shvabe" Ambulances Arrived at the Hospitals of the Arkhangelsk Region

The Shvabe holding of the Rostec State Corporation sent full-drive medical service vehicles based on the LADA Niva Travel to the Arkhangelsk region. The machines are distinguished by high cross-country ability and maneuverability, which allows them to be used in rural areas and, accordingly, increase the availability of medical care for residents of remote settlements. The cars were delivered by a subsidiary of the holding Shvabe-Moscow. Six district hospitals of the region received vehicles with the ability to transport the bed patient. The specialized vehicle fleet is expanded in Arkhangelsk, as well as in the towns of Velsk, Nyandoma, Kotlas, Koryazhma and in the village of Karpogory. The peculiarity of LADA Niva Travel is its compactness and versatility. The five-seat cabin can be used in two functional purposes: transportation of four passengers or one bed patient and one passenger. To install the stretcher, the back of the front seat and part of the back row seats are folded. There is a place for medical packing in the luggage compartment. “As part of the work on the equipping the regions with medical transport, we sent six specialized vehicles to the Arkhangelsk region. High cross-country ability and maneuverability are among their advantages. Therefore, these vehicles are suitable for work in rural areas,” said Sergey Dmitrochenko, Deputy General Director of Shvabe. The production of medical off-road vehicles is carried out at the production facilities of the Shvabe-SpecAuto. At present, more than a hundred machines have already been assembled and completed. This year, the company delivered more than 40 vehicles to the Tver region and the Republic of Bashkortostan for the needs of resuscitation teams, ambulance and patronage services.

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