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Factory producing medical, social and special vehicles "Shvabe-SpecAuto" is a conjoined venture of "Shvabe" Holding, State corporation "Rostec" and special vehicles factory "Promishlennie technologii"
In February 2022, the factory opened its doors to guests for the first time, and a cut red ribbon marked the start of production.


Here on 17 000 sq.m. of land in Nizhniy Novgorod special vehicles are made for these state agencies:

  • Medical for Healthcare institutions. From medical services to ambulances, including resuscitation vehicles
  • Vehicles for people with disabilities for the Institutions of Social Protection of the population
  • Patrol and duty vehicles, for duty units and K-9 branches of the Police


This is possible since the factory independently manifactures 100% of auto components for produced vehicles:

  • 1. The interior design and lining are made of ABS plastic on vacuum forming machines. Finished components have different colors depending on the purpose of the vehicle and their size can be up to 4000 mm.


  • 2. Metal parts are made from galvanized sheet steel. With jeweler's precision they are cut on a laser machine. They get their final shape on a bending machine.


It is the presence of such equipment that allows us to produce metal-plastic furniture for medical transport. Lightweight and stainless. With a service life of up to 15 years.

  • 1. Seats are also made here. The bases for them are molded using a high-pressure casting machine and molds.
    Seats take their final form after assemby. They are up to safety standarts of international UNECE regulations.


2. Factory-assembled receiving devices with minimum loading height and various travel options. It is possible to equip the vehicles with a medical stretcher assistance system, hydraulic system, control panel.

Also these control panels can control minibus wheelchair lifts, assembled here with hydralic system and load capacity of 350 kg. For passenger cars folding ramps are made.


4. To paint vehicles a specific color there is a painting booth on the factory grounds

Such complete production cycle allows Shvabe-SpecAuto to reduce costs of production of finished vehicles and to offer affordable vehicles to the final customer.


Medical, social and special vehicles manufactured by Shvabe-SpetsAvto are vehicles for state institutions at a budget cost and with a longer service life.